Vemuram Oz

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€ 469,00 (inclusief 21% btw)

Collaboration with Oz Noy. Based on the Shanks 4K, the Oz pedal is modified with 2 Vintage Silicon transistors and N.O.S parts. “I’ve been looking for a fuzz pedal that would have the right amount of mid-range and wont sound too bassy or buzzy. Its difficult to find a applicable fuzz and still keep the characteristics of your original tone and cut through a band. I’ve been talking to the team at Vemuram about it and on one of my tours in Japan they brought me this pedal. It was voiced to my preference that it worked for me right away and I’ve been using it since! Its equipped with two vintage silicon transistors which has a good amount of gain if needed, but can also sound like a clean fuzzy boost pedal. You can get a really nice clean tone by turning down the volume of the guitar and still keep the originality of your tone. Once on tour when I couldn’t use my pedal board I actually did a full show of my music with this pedal and a Wha Wha pedal and it was great, I really love it! Enjoy!” -Oz Noy

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