Foxgear Maitresse Vintage Flanger

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The fully analog Foxgear Maitresse Flanger is based on an anolog NOS  chip, the MN3207, just like the old Electric Mistress. But, it takes  inspiration even farther back to the 60’s, to a time when the “flanger”  effect was created by the musical pioneers such as Les Paul and Jimi Hendrix by using reel-to-reel systems and varying the speed of the tape  to obtain a particular sound that was in between that of a chorus and a  flanger. That same tone was used in the following decades by people like  Andy Summer of the Police, David Gilmour and many, many others. The  Foxgear Maitresse allows you the opportunity to reach that kind of  legendary sound for a fraction of the price you might expect to pay. In  comparison, the Foxgear Maitresse is absolutely quieter and respectful  of the clean sound thanks to the bypass system that avoids any lack of  volume or hi-frequency loss and “no-pop” when activated.

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