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    Vertex Steel String Supreme
    Vertex Steel String Supreme

    ∙ Based on model #001 of an original run of legendary Dumble Steel String Singer.
    ∙ A true amp in a box sounds great even direct into a cab simulator/IR loader.
    ∙ Inspiring touch sensitivity, warmth, and sparkle.

    € 259,00
  • Vertex Steel String MKII Drive
    Vertex Steel String MKII Drive

    The Steel String Clean Drive MK II faithfully recreates the tonality and feel of the iconic Dumble Steel String Singer amplifier in a stompbox format. Designed alongside a real Steel String Singer (#001), this 100% analog tone…

    € 219,00
  • Vertex Nyle Compressor
    Vertex Nyle Compressor

    The NYLE compressor marries the classic studio rack compressors of the 70's & 80's with a vintage Mic Pre, putting the legendary clean tone of the likes of Prince or Nile Rogers directly at your feet. The top row of knobs &…

    € 259,00
  • Vertex Ultraphonix
    Vertex Ultraphonix

    Vertex Ultraphonix Overdrive - Using a sample size of four generations of Overdrive Special amplifiers from 1970-1990 to voice and calibrate the pedal, the Ultraphonix is more than able to provide the D*style overdrive to any…

    € 215,00
  • Vertex Ultraphonix HRM
    Vertex Ultraphonix HRM

    Ultra-Phonix HRM recreates the much sought after Dumble™ HRM overdrive tone that pushed the tweaked Overdrive Special Amplifier into stardom. Amongst the limited amount of ODS amplifiers produced by the legendary amp maker, a…

    € 215,00
  • Vertex Dynamic Distortion V2
    Vertex Dynamic Distortion V2

    The Dynamic Distortion (Thin/Fat Mod) is a 250 piece limited edition version of the Dynamic Distortion, that adds extra range in the tone control to combine the classic 80's Sonic Distortion circut (SD-9), a RAT, and Germanium…

    € 215,00
  • Vertex T Drive
    Vertex T Drive

    Vertex T Drive - The T Drive is a sonic recreation of the legendary Trainwreck™ Express amplifier. Rooted in the tradition of British amps from the 60's & 70's Trainwrecks™ are famous for their fast pick response and their…

    € 199,00
  • Vertex The Tone Secret
    Vertex The Tone Secret

    The Tone Secret (TS) is the answer to the love/hate relationship countless guitarists have with a particular screaming green overdrive pedal that originated in late 1970’s Japan. The Tone Secret recreates the sonic DNA of the…

    € 199,00
  • Vertex Boost
    Vertex Boost

    Vertex Boost - The Vertex Boost is expertly crafted to be a clean boost, buffer and volume pedal in one. The Boost is designed to leave your tone unchanged, while boosting the level of your signal. The Boost also features an…

    € 209,00
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