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  • JAM Pedals Tubedreamer TD58
    JAM Pedals Tubedreamer TD58

    Back when we originally introduced the Tubedreamer58 there weren’t as many 808 style pedals out there. We claimed then as we claim now; this is probably the best 808 style overdrive you can get your hands on! With a carefully…

    € 169,00
  • JAM Pedals Chill
    JAM Pedals Chill

    Plug your guitar into this no-frills analog sine-wave tremolo, dial in your settings and enjoy lush tremolo sounds like those found in vintage Fender® Amps! The Chill is built with carbon comp resistors and as such it can also…

    € 169,00
  • JAM Pedals Big Chill
    JAM Pedals Big Chill

    The Big Chill is our flagship tremolo pedal with a slew of functions that will take you from lush smooth tremolo sounds found in vintage Fender® amps, to strobe-like chop effects capable of slicing through any mix! Its thoughtful…

    € 229,00
  • JAM Pedals Waterfall
    JAM Pedals Waterfall

    A JAM pedals favorite for a lot of guitar, bass and keyboard players, the WaterFall is serving as a mainstay on boards of such greats as John Scofield, Nels Cline, Steve Lukather, Anthony Jackson and John Mesdeski for many years…

    € 239,00
  • JAM Pedals Delay Llama
    JAM Pedals Delay Llama

    The Delay Llama is a tone machine that will become an indispensable part of your sound adding warmth and depth through organic repeats which seamlessly integrate into your playing, courtesy of its BBD chips, faithful reproductions…

    € 209,00
  • JAM Pedals Eureka!
    JAM Pedals Eureka!

    We set out to create a circuit that combined the singing, dynamic mid-range of germanium fuzz pedals with the gritty, full-bodied and well-rounded Muff-style fuzz distortion. Well...


    Utilizing silicon transistors in a…

    € 189,00
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