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  • EQD - Plumes
    EQD - Plumes

    EarthQuaker Devices already has a highly regarded Tubescreamer in the Palisades pedal range. But the new Plumes is cheaper, more compact and has its own approach to the Tubescreamer circuit.

    ”More headroom, less noise and much…

    € 119,00
  • EQD - Acapulco Gold Distortion
    EQD - Acapulco Gold Distortion

    The Acapulco Gold is a dirt-simple distortion Device modeled after the sound of a cranked vintage Model T amplifier, bringing the openness, clarity, and crunch that only a dimed tube amp can provide, at a fraction of the size, and…

    € 159,00
  • EQD - Afterneath Reverberator
    EQD - Afterneath Reverberator

    The Afterneath sounds a lot like it looks – a wizard in a cave in a box. You are the wizard – or sorceress, if you prefer – and the cave is your instrument’s signal, vast, expansive, and magical. Do you go inside? Roll a…

    € 265,00
  • EQD - Arrows Pre-Amp Booster
    EQD - Arrows Pre-Amp Booster

    The Arrows is an all-discrete tone sculpting preamp booster. It was designed with the intention of adding an additional channel of gain to all your dirt pedals as well as brightening up neck pickups. It boosts midrange, tightens…

    € 125,00
  • EQD - Arpanoid Pitch Arpeggiator
    EQD - Arpanoid Pitch Arpeggiator

    The Arpanoid takes whatever you play and transforms it into an adjustable ascending or descending scale. It features 8 intuitive and expandable modes and will work on complex chords as well as single notes in any key. The Arpanoid…

    € 265,00
  • EQD - Bellows Fuzz Driver
    EQD - Bellows Fuzz Driver

    The Bellows isn’t based on anything in particular, but it straddles the line between amp-like grit and fuzzy saturation, with a bunch of useful distorted places in between, capturing nearly every era of Rock-and-Roll in a box.…

    € 185,00
  • EQD - Bit Commander Analog Octave Synth
    EQD - Bit Commander Analog Octave Synth

    The Bit Commander is a monophonic analog guitar synthesizer with four octaves of vintage square wave synth tones. Its no-nonsense interface makes it easy to add or subtract octaves to create a wide variety of sounds without having…

    € 219,00
  • EQD - Cloven Hoof Fuzz Grinder
    EQD - Cloven Hoof Fuzz Grinder

    The Cloven Hoof is the perfect solution for those of you who wish the Hoof had more low-end, higher gain, and was just a little bit Hoofier. Handmade in Ohio USA.

    € 219,00
  • Versie 2!

    EQD - Dispatch Master Digital Delay & Reverb
    EQD - Dispatch Master Digital Delay & Reverb

    The Dispatch Master is one of our favorite devices at EQD, and remains our top-seller to this day. Pick one up, and you’ll know why.

    Crystalline digital delays up to 1.5 seconds without nasty self-oscillation. Luscious reverbs…

    € 229,00
  • EQD - Dunes Mini Mega Ultimate Overdrive
    EQD - Dunes Mini Mega Ultimate Overdrive

    The Dunes is a condensed take on our highly popular Palisades “808-style” overdrive. We’ve stripped away all the glitz and glamour of the original Palisades, leaving only the bare essentials required for a rippin’…

    € 229,00
  • EQD - Ghost Echo Vintage Voiced Reverb
    EQD - Ghost Echo Vintage Voiced Reverb

    The Ghost Echo is our spooky take on the haunted* amp-top spring reverberation units of yesteryear. This creepy analog/digital spring reverb emulation machine boasts a terrifying 30ms – 150ms of pre-delay, controllable via the…

    € 209,00
  • EQD - Gray Channel Dynamic Dirt Doubler
    EQD - Gray Channel Dynamic Dirt Doubler

    The Gray Channel is a real “twofer” of an overdrive. It is based around a classic hard-clipping gray box overdrive (subtle hint, huh), one of my all-time favorites. Coincidentally, this is the very same pedal that got me…

    € 239,00
  • EQD - Hoof Hybrid Fuzz
    EQD - Hoof Hybrid Fuzz

    The Hoof is loosely based on the classic green Russian fuzz circuit and features a hybrid Germanium/Silicon design, pairing maximum tone with maximum temperature stability not found in finicky and expensive vintage units. We…

    € 209,00
  • EQD - Hoof Reaper Double Fuzz
    EQD - Hoof Reaper Double Fuzz

    The Hoof Reaper™ features our popular Hoof™ and Tone Reaper™ fuzz pedals in one handy enclosure with the added bonus of an old school analog octave up. It was originally released as a special limited run item back in 2010…

    € 375,00
  • V4!

    EQD - Hummingbird Repeat Percussions
    EQD - Hummingbird Repeat Percussions

    Welcome to your new Hummingbird™ Repeat Percussion tremolo! The Hummingbird is a choppy, sawtooth tremolo modeled on the vintage “repeat percussion” unit and similar to those found in old Valco and Vox amplifiers. It is…

    € 195,00
  • EQD - Levitation Reverberation Machine
    EQD - Levitation Reverberation Machine

    Introducing the Levitation reverb, a pedal designed by EarthQuaker Devices in conjunction with the LEVITATION music festival! LEVITATION, founded as Austin Psych Fest in 2008, has become a way to honor and preserve Austin’s…

    € 229,00
  • EQD - Palisades Mega Ultimate Overdrive
    EQD - Palisades Mega Ultimate Overdrive

    The Palisades is something we said we would never do… an overdrive based on the legendary TS808! Gasp! The horror! Another tubes creamer?? In 2014?? Really?? After loads of requests we finally buckled. We ran tests with every…

    € 289,00
  • EQD - Sea Machine Super Chorus
    EQD - Sea Machine Super Chorus

    The Sea Machine is a chorus pedal with as many modulation possibilities as there are fish in the ocean. That’s a lot of fish. And a lot of modulation. From subtle, shimmery chorus sounds, to wobbly, seasick, warbly pitch-bent…

    € 239,00
  • EQD - Space Spiral Modulated Delay
    EQD - Space Spiral Modulated Delay

    The Space Spiral’s delay time ranges from a tight 30 ms to a fast and loose 600 ms. Can you imagine having 600 ms of delay time at your fingertips? Out of this world! With all of this adjustable delay time, you create anything…

    € 239,00
  • EQD - Speaker Cranker Overdrive
    EQD - Speaker Cranker Overdrive

    The Speaker Cranker is a discrete, all-analog distortion enhancement device (i.e. not a booster) designed to give your signal some extra grit and a slight boost without drastically altering your tone. Think of it as sticking an…

    € 169,00
  • EQD - Spires Fuzz Doubler
    EQD - Spires Fuzz Doubler

    The Spires was born from my need to have my big old Rosac Nu Fuzz and our now discontinued Dream Crusher on my pedalboard without taking up all the space. The green channel features a cranked fuzz inspired by the Rosac Electronic…

    € 239,00
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