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    Foxgear Rainbow Reverb
    Foxgear Rainbow Reverb

    The latest entry to the Foxgear lineup is the Rainbow. The Rainbow Reverb is the ultimate digital reverb effect. The Rainbow is based on the well known and reliable DSP FV-1 used in most of the boutique pedals in the market, and…

    € 139,00
  • Foxgear Ryder Signature Distortion
    Foxgear Ryder Signature Distortion

    The Ryder is Foxgear’s latest distortion pedal dreamed up by the legendary Doug Aldrich (Dio, Whitesnake, Dead Daisies). It takes as foundation, the Foxgear RATS. But, the Ryder features a different filter from the Rats that let…

    € 99,00
  • Foxgear Synister Metal Distortion
    Foxgear Synister Metal Distortion

    The Sinister is one potent piece of metal distortion gear. Thanks to Foxgear’s pioneering distortion circuit “DynaFET™” made of multi-stage Class A FET, the Sinister is capable of reaching an insane amount of gain. Yet, it…

    € 99,00
  • Foxgear Squeeze Compressor
    Foxgear Squeeze Compressor

    Great optical compressors are noted for their organic responsiveness and smooth horizontal feel. The Squeeze is no exception. The Squeeze, optic compressor, offers a superb compression in a very easy-to-use package. Just set…

    € 79,00
  • Foxgear Rats Distortion
    Foxgear Rats Distortion

    There are few tones more utilized in the Rock’n Roll vernacular than that of the Rats. Inspired by over 30 years of vintage distortion tone, the Rats reproduces the sounds beloved by the likes of our pal Doug Aldrich, but in a…

    € 79,00
  • Foxgear Qboost Parametric Boost
    Foxgear Qboost Parametric Boost

    Guitarists need to seamlessly cut through and fall back into the mix. As the name suggests, the Qboost is a semi-parametric booster that allows the player to choose the precise frequency to boost in order to get out front, or to…

    € 79,00
  • Foxgear Manic Vintage Fuzz
    Foxgear Manic Vintage Fuzz

    Inspired by Jimi’s sought-after tone, the Manic is a Vintage Fuzz Face, but in an intuitive, very easy-to-use package. Often, guitarists purchase a fuzz pedal and plug it into a clean amp only to realize that it sound terrible.…

    € 89,00
  • Foxgear Korus Vintage Analog Chorus
    Foxgear Korus Vintage Analog Chorus

    Foxgear’s Korus is a vintage sounding analog chorus effect that goes from a simple chorus to a vintage vibe, depending on the setting of controls. Super transparent, it doesn’t affect your original sound, absolutely…

    € 89,00
  • Foxgear Echosex Baby Vintage Echo
    Foxgear Echosex Baby Vintage Echo

    The Echosex Baby, the smaller protégé of the original award-winning Gurus’ Echosex, produces enchanting echoes with a distinctive, ethereal, almost primordial sound, all without hauling around an original, vintage Binson…

    € 119,00
  • Foxgear Echoes Delay
    Foxgear Echoes Delay

    The Echoes is nothing less than a marvel amongst mere conventional delays; providing a bucket brigade of analog delay that will enrich your sound with a three-dimensional ambient tone- lush and precise repeats coupled with the…

    € 79,00
  • Foxgear Cream Vintage Overdrive
    Foxgear Cream Vintage Overdrive

    The Cream derives its inspiration from vintage Screamers. It can easily be used as a stand-alone overdrive, or as an amp-booster. The tone stack has the feel of the collectable, legendary 808 circuits, and is capable of reaching…

    € 79,00
  • Foxgear Kolt 45 Guitar Amplifier
    Foxgear Kolt 45 Guitar Amplifier

    The Kolt45 is a powerful guitar amplifier in a highly portable, stomp box sized platform. The Kolt45 produces a real, 45W RMS into 4 Ohms with a responsive Treble, Middle, Bass tone stack and volume control all in a package that…

    € 119,00

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