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  • Nobels ODR-1 Green
    Nobels ODR-1 Green

    Ideal for blues and crunchy rock sounds or for the extra punch when soloing. The character of the guitar is fully retained. With the drive controller, the distortion can be easily adjusted from almost clean to maximum distortion.…

    € 95,00
  • Nobels ODR-1 Mounting Plates
    Nobels ODR-1 Mounting Plates

    The Mounty-Ps cost next to nothing and are cleverly designed. No chance of you opening up your pedal case to find your carefully arranged pedals in a heap all scratched up. Mounty-Ps work with big heavy multi units all the way…

    € 8,95
  • Nobels ODR-1 Mini
    Nobels ODR-1 Mini

    The ODR-mini delivers creamy, natural overdrive – Everything from pushed clean amp tones to gain filled stacks! It has the same tones as its legendary brother – the ODR-1. You‘ll love the warm mid-gain tones for rock and…

    € 79,00


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