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  • Jackson Audio Amp Mode
    Jackson Audio Amp Mode

    Use the AMP MODE as a preamp for your overall signal, a boost to push an overdrive pedal even further into saturation, or as a post overdrive boost to clarify and push your guitar forward in the mix! The AMP MODE features 9-18V…

    € 179,00
  • Jackson Audio The Golden Boy Overdrive
    Jackson Audio The Golden Boy Overdrive

    Designed in collaboration with Joey Landreth, the most versatile and transparent overdrive ever made! Rich in harmonic detail and overflowing with headroom, the Golden Boy redefines the concept of transparent overdrive and brings…

    € 349,00
  • Jackson Audio Bloom V2
    Jackson Audio Bloom V2

    The Bloom from Jackson Audio is a comprehensive dynamic engine that is designed to give guitarists maximum dynamic tonal control in ways never before possible. The Bloom V2 – MIDI takes everything people love about our original…

    € 379,00
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